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About Hubli - Dharwad

Location :
The twin cities of Hubli-Dharwad are located at a distance of around 420 KM north of Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state.The city of Dharwad is just east of the famous Western Ghats and is surrounded by hills and lakes.Dharwad district covers an area of 13738 sq.KM and with a twin city population of about 6,00,000. The city of Dharwad is the district head quarters and twin cities are educational and financial,industrial hub for North Karnataka.The cities of Hubli and Dharwad, 13mi (21 km) apart, were incorporated as one city in 1961.

About Hubli is a major city of this district and is a famous industrial town. This historic town was known as Raya Hubli and also as Elaya Puravada Halli during the ancient times.This city metamorphosed into an important commercial centre for trade in cotton and iron during the reign of the Vijaynagara empire.The city is noted for its handloom textile units and has many cotton ginning and processing mills.
The district has some of the important monuments like the beautiful temples, churches,mosques and monasteries that are worth a visit. Not to be missed are the delicious Pedas, the specialty of the district. The climate is hot and wet during the summer and rainy seasons and pleasant during winter.

 Hubli-Dharwad History

The word "Dharwad" means a place of small habitation. For centuries, Dharwad acted as a gateway between western mountains "Malenaadu" and plains "Bayalu seeme".. Another theory is, during Vijayanagara rule of Dharwad, there was a ruler by name "Dharav" (1403 AD) and Dharwad got its name from him. There are some inscriptions that refer to Dharwad as KampaNa Sthana.Dharwad grew up around a fort thought to have been built in 1405 by an officer of the Hindu king of Vijayanagar. It was captured by the Muslims in 1685 and by the Marathas  in 1753.Hyder Ali, ruler of Mysore, Occupied Dharwad in 1778. It was ceded to the British in 1818. This proves that Dharwad existed in 12th century and it is now at least 900 years old!

Chalukyas ruled Dharwad during 12th century. A stone indicates that there was ruler by the name Bhaskara Deva in 1117 AD. Later Dharwad became a part of the Vijayanagara empire(1453 AD), Bijapur's Adil Shah captured Dharwad and built a fort. The fort area was called MannaKille. and later with this fort, the strategic importance of Dharwad increased and it thus became part of everyone's empire, Auranjeb, Shivaji ,Auranjeb's son Mu Azam, Peshwe Balaji Rao, Hidar Ali, Tipu Sultan and finally British. on 19th century, During those times, the British started English Medium school in Dharwad in 1848 and in 1856, started town municipality. Later in 1863, the Bassel Mission organization started another school. In 1867 British opened another school, Varmal school,which later on became known as Training college. In 1883, the municipality area included Sidapur,Lakamanhalli,Haveri Pete,Bagtalan,Madihal, Galaganjikop, Malapur, Kamalapur, Narayanpur, Saptapur, Atti kolla and Hosayellapur. The British government also established the Railway station in 1888.

Facts At A Glance

Population : 730,000
Temperature : Max- 39oC Min- 16oC
Rainfall : 935 mm
STD code: 0836

Season : January to May
State : Karnataka

Transportation's of Hubli

Rail :
Hubli is a major rail junction on the Mumbai to Bangalore route and for trains to Bijapur & Hospet. Hubli is also well connected to some places like Vasco da Gama & Margao in Goa. Hubli is an important junction in the rail route between Bangalore and Goa. Both Dharwad and Hubli are linked by road and Rail facilities with other parts of the country.

Railway Enquiry Ph: 131
Railway Reservation Enquiry Ph: 132
Enquiry (Auto Announcing System) Ph: 0836-262000/2266703

Road :
Hubli is connected by road to all major cities of Karnataka state and also to neighbouring Maharashtra state and other Southern India cities. Daily bus service from Hubli's bus station is available for Mumbai,Pune, Belgaum, Kolhapur, Dharwad, Hospet, Sirsi, Bhatkal, Bangalore,Mangalore,Mysore and other almost all cities and towns in Karnataka and neighboring Southern states.

Local transportation in Hubli includes cycles, close doored auto-rickshaws . There are also K.S.R.T.C (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) buses run by Karnataka government.

KSRTC Bus Stand Hubli Ph: 0836-352167
KSRTC Reservation Counter Hubli Ph: 0836-352227
KSRTC Bus Stand Dharwad Ph: 0836-348102
CBT Hubli Ph: 0836-363363

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